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I awoke the next morning to a cherub, wide-eyed with full rosy cheeks and an innocent loving smile gazing at me from a distance of approximately 6 inches.

As I slowly opened my eyes I was bombarded with, “Daddy, how many goats can I get?”

“Well… that depends.” …

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The scale was unprecedented. A million USD to be distributed to each of the 8 billion inhabitants of the Earth.

Having learned harsh lessons from earlier attempts to distribute funds to the masses, the Founders’ offer had a range of payment options attached.

Payment could be received in full or…

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Jenn's face contorted oddly and began to twitch as she watched the balloons and streamers bouncing across 29 screens…(the new kid had succumbed to the temptation as well).

Her left knee buckled and had Alan not heroically come to her rescue she would have collapsed into a clump of sweater…

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The Founders of Tomorrow or Founders for short was the name chosen to designate a dozen or so billionaire magnates that had come together for the stated altruistic purpose of eradicating poverty.

They had collectively managed to wrangle an asteroid traveling dangerously close to the moon and had brought a…

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Jenn came tearing around the corner at 8:58, two minutes prior to lift off. She had rescheduled with Bill as the duty manager that day to accommodate Sophie’s piano recital later that nite. Bill had agreed to come in 30 min earlier if she would take his Saturday shift next…

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It was a routine Tuesday morning. I had just gotten into my “office” at the call center. Shift started at 8:30. The morning PEP talk has ended at 8:47. We were expected to be taking calls promptly at 9:00.

By 9:01 the queue was normally full. We worked for a…

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There is a tree in the woods by my house, it’s an ugly misshapen tree. It’s missing half of its trunk. Its branches extend in all directions. It has no shape, balance, or symmetry.

It is a large tree, perhaps the largest in the area. What remains of its trunk…

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Cabbage rolls, never really liked them. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against cabbage or the concoction of meat and rice, lovingly known in our home -without the wrapping as “Porcupines.” Yeah, I don’t get the name either…maybe hedgehogs?

Maybe it was the texture, maybe it was…

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Untouched, nary a scratch.

Impenetrable dolomite spires piercing through a canvas of ethereal white. In spite of the onslaught of howling winds and icy shards of winter, the searing summer heat and pounding rain; She stands in solitude amidst her sisters.

And nothing grows. There is no purchase nor crevice…

David Ophek

…for what is creativity but the discovery of new data points found within a pre-existing pattern or framework

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